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Bodymind Therapy
Transformative Theatre 
Women's Awakening Work

"I meet you where you are.
I trust the intelligence of your living body.
I understand the workings of your nervous system and skillfully guide you to digest your experiences, without becoming overwhelmed."

Coming Home to Yourself
With Bodymind Therapy

-Feel safe and alive in your body

-Work with your nervous system to heal trauma

-Explore and release your story

-Feel the flow of creativity through your body

-Define your unique gifts and bring them
into the world

“What you do is deep and powerful. You work with full integrity, and compassion, holding the space beautifully.
You’ve helped me come out of my internal conflicts,
motivated me, helped me see my true self
and my life a new perspective.”

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Sessions in Devon, Totnes area and on Skype. 

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