~Human Alchemy~ - Emerging Feminine Way
"With profound spaciousness, integrity and light touch Agata creates a field where it feels easy to go deep. Her skillful holding of the space and embodiment of welcoming all that is have helped me rest deeply in being myself. I have found myself discovering “yes”. .. I can welcome this aspect of myself…and this and this. That has been a joy. I have great love, trust and appreciation of her work."                   

"Agata is very creative and sensitive to what I want to work with and how to get the best out of me. She prepares thoroughly and thoughtfully for the sessions and also reflects on the sessions after they are finished. So she is well prepared yet also delightfully flexible and creative during each session whilst holding the overall goals of our work together. She is wonderfully present and responsive to me as her client. She is perceptive and creates a space for me to work in that allows for unexpected depths. She also has a light touch and a sense of humor."
Jeannie (Autobiographical Storytelling )

“What you do is deep and powerful. You work with full integrity, love and compassion, holding the space beautifully.
You’ve helped me come out of my internal conflicts,
motivated me, helped me see my true self
and my life in a new perspective.”

"Agata creates a very safe and welcoming space which both encourages and holds the deep unfolding I've experienced in our sessions. Her non-judgement and incredible sensitivity have allowed me to enter my condition and energetic awareness with sometimes surprising effect.
Her gentle guidance has supported me to access the wisdom of my body and feeling sense, unlocking layers of emotion and self-belief in short time. Her insight is invaluable and is always offered directly but with tenderness. Agata's work is different to any other I've experienced and I'd recommend it without hesitation."

"Agata holds a really solid space. It usually takes me a while to feel safe in a workshop and with her it happened really quickly. The space was well contained, yet fluid and free at the same time."

“When I first embarked on The Heroine's Journey with Agata, I was feeling a desperate need to be known - seen, heard and recognized - as a Heroine, for all of the major challenges that life has given me.
Halfway through I forgot what the course was called, I forgot what it was I had been hoping for from it.
It no longer mattered. What mattered was being there to help nourish and be nourished by all the women in the group. We had become a tight-knit sisterhood, a group of women it became really important for me to spend precious hours with.
We were open, powerful, vulnerable, supportive, daring, fragile and yes, we laughed and we cried with abandon, all held by Agata's knowing, innate sensitivity and gentle discipline.
I didn't notice my transformation but, looking back to the beginning of the course, I realized my focus had completely shifted. I no longer needed to be recognized as Heroine - I had simply become her. She had integrated with such ease - the course of the journey had allowed her space to come forth and just be and she had taken her rightful place naturally.
A Heroine amongst Heroines - it has been such an honour and a privilege to share in this group.”

"The healing I have done with Agata in the past few months has been profound. Above all I found her highly intuitive and her knowledge of the workings of women invaluable.
She always intuitively seemed to know exactly what’s needed. Sometimes her involvement in the session was minimal, sometimes she totally led.
In a matter of weeks I have moved from hopelessness, intense emotional pain and unhappiness through grief to a space inside myself that feels full of potential. I am excited and hopeful about life and I feel so strong at my core that whatever happens, I can deal with it and I can always find my way back to my own wise self"

"In the week since your amazing Womb Stories workshop I have become really very in touch with my womb. In fact, she has become the primary indicator of what is best for me by way of realizing and meeting my own needs. Knowing and feeling this even sends a delicious nourishing ripple through my body. I've found that sometimes when I check into my womb, she offers up sounds - deep vibrations that have not yet become words (...) Now, she's telling me to get into my power if I want to be restively productive and to have surges of productivity followed by periods of rest - a beautiful interplay of action and inaction - which sounds like a dance to me!
Thank you so much for all that you share."

"Working with Agata is a constant live engagement with what is true and present in each moment: a journey for this man from head to heart to arrive at a meeting of sweet intimacy with myself, that burrows beneath my usual male defenses.
I am honouring and impacted by Agata's sense of feminine woman strongly rooted in truth."

"Agata really helped me to get in touch with some deep seated feelings - it was as if my body was speaking to me, telling me the story around the holding (pain) and in hearing it I was able to release and let go. In the letting go energy caught up in the holding was released and there was expression of feeling and freedom.  I came away with an awareness of life energy and how often my feeling of fatigue is not a lack of energy but simply that the energy is trapped.
Agata offers the gift of her own intuitive wisdom and her gentle presence"

"You did such beautiful work from such a surrendered place. Thank you for going there and being willing to receive all of us. We were all so tenderly received. Thank you for your loving attention and for artistically guiding us in to the archetypes of the divine feminine. "

"In her work Agata opens the most powerful transformational container for change so effortlessly and gently. I have been blown away by the receptivity of the resonant field that she brings to our sessions, both deeply subtle and soft yet at the same time, blasting a powerful path through blockages and resistance to reach the pearl at the centre of the gritty oyster shell of my being.
I am renewed and refreshed after each session and feel that my life is more expanded, seen, witnessed and free because of our work together.  
I am so deeply touched by Agata and her gifts, so rarefied, precious and presence filled,by her ability to tune into the waters and movements that run deep below the surface. I so recommend anyone to drink from her well of wisdom, compassion and grace."

"The session I experienced with Agata that was truly extraordinary for me.
I felt sensations completely new to me and yet somehow they were not strangers but almost like old long forgotten friends and I felt so deeply joyful in my body on being reunited with them; a sublime richness, an exquisite tenderness. My tissues felt full and replete from inside, not something coming into them but something from within filling them and me.
And Agata in all of this: present, unintrusive, supporting and guiding me, some words and so much invisible and unknown to me but felt."


Performance groups feedback:

“These four meetings marked a profound shift in me. I felt a return to my old and dear love of theatrical expression, in a very open and truthful way. Agata teaches embodiment, a way of bypassing the ego into true performance, that is not so much a performance as a true inhabiting of self. The work she invited in me and in the other women was very moving and beautiful and an honour to witness. Agata held the space in a quiet, focused way that supported the group.  She worked with creative, inspiring physical exercises, writing, speaking, and sharing, and every evening wove us into the performance space so skillfully that is was almost without our noticing! I am deeply grateful to have had this chance to work with her, she is a wonderful teacher. “
"It was such an edge for me to participate in this Stories for Change process. As someone terrified of anything even vaguely performative it meant me meeting some pretty deep-seated fears. Agata held the space with a tender firmness that allowed me to gradually find myself performing without really realizing it was happening. By week four I spontaneously found myself free-style dancing 'on stage' for a whole 5 minutes in what to me felt like truly touching in with the core of my true essence. Watch out world, this one has been unleashed ..."
“We seem to have shared so much in our few meetings. I wouldn’t have thought that I was able to perform even to a very small audience referencing very sensitive occurrences in my life. Previously I have found it difficult to move across a stage with an audience. Also previously my mind has gone blank when asked to write prose and even more so for poetry. All that I achieved in your group in such a supportive environment was done without fear and trepidation, with fun, sincerity, enjoyment and confidence. “

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