~Human Alchemy~ - Emerging Feminine Way

"I tell you this story to break your heart,
that it be broken open and never close to the world again"
(Mary Oliver)

We carry so many stories inside and when they are told they get freed up and we get the medicine. It is often in challenging  situations, when we might have felt victimized, that we developed our precious gifts and strengths. 
By looking at our lives as a piece of art, we bring reverence to it and find the patterns that are specific to us. As we find those patterns and become the heroine's/hero's in our story, we find why we are here.
As women, we particularly need it, as we have lost some of the feminine mythology and need to our archetypal domain.

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I was originally drawn to performance as a medium to amplify presence, bring out the value of ordinary moments and combine self-inquiry with the creative process. That is how "Theatre of Awakening" came into being and became a basis for my "Presence in Performance" coaching.

My interest in autobiographical led to of "This Being Human" show, which explored adversity as a gateway to awakening. It was performed and very well received at Totnes Soulo Festival 2013 and beyond.
Agata performing
My next creation"This Being a Woman"  explored identity in a context It wrestled with outdated female role models, sensing and emergence of the feminine principle into the world, finding its expression through my soul.
It was performed at Totnes Solo July'14 and received a very warm welcome:

“A stunning performance. Real, very touching and funny. Enjoyed every moment of it”
“You’ve articulated what I haven’t been able but always wanted to say, so moving and inspirational
I completely acknowledge you for a delicately powerful, precisely timed and insightful, deeply sensual performance.
That was such a thrilling performance, you are a Pro on every level and such a great comedienne...... it is definitely a great gift to be able to touch on such discomforting truths in such a light way- genius.”
Watch extracts of this performance here:

Our Stories
Is there value in telling your story? We hear “drop the story, be in the moment!” That is if we have actually integrated and digested the story. The paradox is, I have discovered, that we need to recall it and feel it from a place of presence to really let it go. Then the past becomes a resource for this moment, as energy available in your body.
I first told my life story quite a few years ago to an on-going group I was a part of. Then I listened to nine other stories through our week together. There is a saying "there isn't anybody you couldn't love if you've heard their story" and I found it to be true. Since listening to each person, my sense of them has broadened and changed completely. Those little things that irritated me about them became precious battle scars to be respected.
Later, when I chose to share my story with my community, something profound happened. Something in me came to rest and "I let the story go". It was engaging and fun to then continue crafting it and making it into a performance piece but it didn't feel personal anymore. From then on I wanted other stories to be set free.
Participant of "Emerging Creations" group shares her experience:

A warm thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who donated to the "Emerging Creations" project, that explored women's stories. More on the project:

Go to Workshops and Events page to find out about the up-coming autobiographical groups and courses or get in touch to arrange a one to one exploration.

Read more about Drop the Story festival here:

"Our lives are at once ordinary and mythical. We wake in the morning, buy yellow cheese, and hope we have enough money to pay for it. At these magnificent hearts that pump through all sorrow and all winters we are alive on the earth"  Natalie Goldberg

“Human is revealed to each person through their own nature in particular”

"The hardest thing and also the greatest being to do it to accept that which is already within you."  Malcolm X

"The most important question anyone can ask is: What myth am I living? "
Carl Jung

"What all persons have in common is their uniqueness"
Sam Keen

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