~Human Alchemy~ - Emerging Feminine Way

~Emerging Women~

* Are you a creative woman with a deep longing to come forward and offer your gifts?

* Do you often feel unseen, not valued for who you are because you don’t fit the dominant social paradigm or the options presented to you?

* Are you moved to create your own way of making a living, expressing and being in the world?

* Do you feel your way of being is so new, that it’s difficult to find role models to draw on?

* Are you experiencing emotional, physical or existential symptoms and are wondering "what's wrong"?

 *Can you feel something deep stirring within you - your deep feminine power?

You have the potential to use your feminine wisdom to guide your life and those of others.
You are a bringer of the new paradigm. 
 Coming  Home to Yourself

When our bodies feel distant and uncomfortable, life begins to appear hostile and un-supportive. We begin to experience doubt, not sure if we have anything to offer to the world. Feeling frustrated and oppressed, we withdraw; when a deep part of us longs to come forward and be seen.
In the past, when we tried, we got a message we were "too much" and not welcome. So we adopted a more acceptable, “masculine” way of presenting ourselves, which feels exhausting. Whatever we do or achieve is never enough to meet the endless, conflicting cultural expectations, that find their expression as a critical voice inside our heads.
We have a sense that things could be different, and have known them to be, but haven't managed to sustain that.  Is it always going to be like this? When is it going to change? To stay where we are would be surviving but not thriving.

You are one of many modern women longing to come home to themselves but lost in the maze of the dominant culture. We have received confusing and devaluing messages from a very young age about what it is to be a woman and have a female body. We have had few or no positive role models of women that were free to be all of themselves, not just in compartmentalized parts. The result is we simply cannot “get it right” and will never “measure up”. The roots of this condition go back millennia and have been passed down to every daughter by their mother and father, often “with the best intentions”. This all has a devastating effect on the development of the young psyche and this, coupled with all too common incidents of invasion or abuse, leads to trauma, that requires attention and support.

Having experienced physical and emotional trauma myself and recovered enough to lead a creative and fulfilling life, I am able to meet you and guide you back to yourself. Through spending time with many women as wise guides, sisters and clients I have seen that our journey is a joint one; that of reclaiming our lost sovereignty and freedom as a  fluid expression of Live. It can be done but we need support.
When you come to me I meet and you exactly as you are and where you are. I don’t aspire to support you alone but to open a pathway for you to be supported by Life; to help you develop trust in it, recognize it as who you are and feel it in your blood and bones. I trust the intelligence of your living body and the power of the earth that hold us. I understand the workings of your nervous system in response to your history and skillfully guide you to digest your experiences without becoming overwhelmed. Working in a flexible, intuitive way I offer you what you uniquely need. It is a rich landscape that we travel and learn to love; returning to our pleasure and innocence. We practice our modern day, ordinary magic.
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