~Human Alchemy~ - Emerging Feminine Way

With a background in theatre, Bodymind Therapy Training and 14 years of practice of Embodied Awakening with Movement of Being, Agata offers a unique blend of practices, that enable you to come home to yourself and engage with the world.
She has been influenced by the powerful emergence of the Feminine Principle and various disciplines of gender/relational work.
Since 2006 she has been holding groups and workshops on the themes of presence, and the deep feminine.
Her professional training and work experience also include Speech and Drama, Play Therapy, and linguistics.
She has an MA in Performance Training, specializing in Autobiographical Theatre.

Having recovered from serious spinal surgeries, Agata has had the experience of healing trauma through working with her nervous system from the inside out.

She has a passion for coaching others in coming forward with their gifts, through performance and in other ways.
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Deep thanks to all my teachers, friends and family!

Extracts from Agata’s Bio:

How did I get here? I grew up in Poland where life was wild and often difficult. Still, I always felt connected to the mystery of it, to the miraculous nature of things. At the age of 14 I had a serious operation on my spine, which left me immobilized for three months and covered in plaster for nine. I really tasted the fragility of my existence and realized the preciousness of my moving body.
Delighted to regain it, I threw myself into the wild abandon of rave dancing. I intuitively knew my body was a huge resource and I wanted it back. My strong spirit propelled me on a journey to England, where I studied the English language at Emerson College, then Speech and Drama, followed by an extensive theatre tour. I loved the feeling of presence I experienced on stage and giving value to ordinary moments. During that time I first came across various modern and traditional spiritual teachings. It was a relief for me to recognize my nature as consciousness but I also used it to avoid pain and lived from my strategies for the most part.
Life invited me deeper. The shock in my nervous system caught up with me and I became quite unwell. Training as a therapist (in Play Therapy and Psycho-Kinesiology), I was learning about the body-mind connection and beginning to surrender to my needs. That was when I had the good fortune to meet the work of Fanny Behrens, Colin Harrison and their teacher, Adam Bradpiece. In my first workshop it became apparent that I was full of theory but knew little of integrated experience. I fell in love with the work and it supported me immensely in the process of healing my shattered body. As I was able to loosen my identification with the discomfort, the necessary healing process could run its course. About six years into it, I came across Bodymind Attunement developed by Ruth Noble, specializing in trauma release through deep body awareness and movement. Doing a lot of individual developmental work and eventually training as a practitioner, created an inner holding that allowed me to hold others.
As a result I have developed a very inclusive, “feminine” approach to working with people. From the ground of presence I listen to and honour the unfolding of the bodymind. I see every aspect of ourselves as a valid expression of the whole, longing to come home.

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